Chiropractic and Orthotics Change Lives

When Joseph Bunch, currently in his later 40s, came to the Life University Chiropractic Clinic, he was doubtful that Chiropractic could help him. Though at one time he had played basketball and run track, he had since undergone five leg surgeries (even a total left hip replacement). To make matters worse, he was also diagnosed via MRI with a herniated disc in his lower back.

“I was in moderate to severe pain much of the time,” Bunch recalled. “Simple things such as walking in the mall, getting dressed, or just leaning over the sink while shaving became very painful and frustrating.”

Under the Knives

Bunch’s numerous leg surgeries were the result of the stresses on his body when he was an athlete. Although Bunch’s surgeries were successful, the weakness and injuries in his knee and hip caused problems elsewhere (including degenerative arthritis and the herniated disc) as other parts of his body tried to compensate for the weak joints.

A medical doctor gave Bunch two options: back surgery or an expensive Vertical Axis Decompression (VAX-D) treatment not covered by his insurance plan. VAX-D is a non-surgical procedure used to treat low back disorders. Reluctant to accept either of those options, Bunch decided to try Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic to the Rescue

At the clinic Bunch was introduced to John Hoeffner, then a student clinician under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Haezebrouck. Dr. Hoeffner conducted a thorough exam and physical, and explained that the Hill Table at the Life Clinic could achieve the same (if not better) results as the expensive VAX-D treatments.

“Knowing that Joe Bunch was a former high school and college athlete, as well as having been active since his college days, I knew I would be able to help him,” said Dr. Hoeffner.

Dr. Hoeffner started Bunch on a program of Chiropractic care that included the Hill Table, adjustments, and physical therapy. After a few months of Chiropractic care, the results far exceeded what Bunch had expected.

Bunch’s degree of pain was reduced to almost zero, and his mobility and flexibility had improved significantly. He was even able to resume lifting weights and doing cardiovascular exercises. “I never thought I’d be able to do that again,” said Bunch. “If I had chosen surgery, I seriously doubt if I would have been able to work out or lift weights.”

Praise for Orthotics

Dr. Hoeffner also fitted Bunch for custom-made Elite functional orthotics from Foot Levelers. Bunch is just as impressed with this product as he is with the results of his Chiropractic care.

“I casted Joe for Foot Levelers’ orthotics for two reasons,” said Dr. Hoeffner. “First, because Dr. Haezebrouck said that he would be a good candidate for them, but also because I had Foot Levelers and I knew that they were the best thing going to aid patients in holding their adjustments.”

“I am extremely pleased with the comfort, support, balance, durability, shock-absorption, stability, and improved posture I now have as a result of using the Foot Levelers Elite orthotics,” Bunch said. Since receiving his Foot Levelers orthotics, Bunch has not had any more pain, discomfort, or injuries to his legs or joints.

“I thought that shock absorbers were only for cars, but I am extremely pleased to have been introduced to shock absorbers for my body,” said Bunch. “I would recommend this product to anyone. Anyone who can walk will benefit from the Foot Levelers product.”

A Healthier Life with Chiropractic and Orthotics

Joseph Bunch works as a National Accounts Manager with a sports marketing company, and he is married with a 16 year-old son. For the first time in years, he is working out and lifting weights (everything from lunges to squats; with a couple hundred pounds) three to four times a week.

Because of his work with Joe Bunch, Dr. Hoeffner won the Outstanding Functional Rehabilitation Award when he graduated. Dr. Hoeffner now practices at Sweat Chiropractic Clinic in Atlanta, GA.

“I am now enjoying a healthy, happy, and pain-free life,” said Bunch. He says he is glad that he did not listen to the people in the medical field who do not believe in Chiropractic. He believes that the combination of Chiropractic care and Foot Levelers orthotics literally changed the quality of his life.

“For anyone who says or thinks that Chiropractic care doesn’t work,” said Bunch, “I have two words for them: It does!”

Editor’s Note: Joseph Bunch, the patient mentioned in this article, has graciously given Success Express permission to use his name and to discuss details of his condition and care.