Design Your Success: Live Your Vision

By: Mark Sanna, DC

One of the primary factors that distinguishes dynamic teams from the pedestrian ones is the clearness of their vision. High-performance practices have a clear picture of what they are creating together. High-performance practices are excited about their purpose and their common vision.

Why have a vision? Where your mind goes, everything else follows! The Law of Expectation teaches: You must know what it is that you want to accomplish before the universe can manifest your desires. You alone are responsible for kindling the internal fire that fuels your passion. And if, for some reason, you don’t feel the fire right now, go with the spark!

A Formula

‘Success’ comes from the word ‘succession’: “to do or put in a series” or “to take over or control of” (like a throne). Study the crowned heads of Europe; you’ll see that succession/success occurs through planning. It doesn’t occur by chance. Successful individuals, teams, and practices follow a very simple formula: Imagination to Vision to Mission to Plan to Persistence to Success! Your vision is born out of your imagination. Your vision informs your mission and your mission guides your plan of action. Add to the equation persistence and your result will always be success!


Albert Einstein offers an excellent example of a personal vision. He once said, “I can’t believe God would choose to play dice with the universe.” I don’t think that Einstein ever wrote his actual vision down, but if he had, I think that this statement would have encompassed it. His vision of an orderly world drove him to search for the fundamental principles of the universe, to show that matter and energy are different forms of the same thing, to develop the Theory of Relativity, and later to search for a broader theory that would encompass all the major forces of nature.

The equation E=mc2 is an extraordinary formula for success. Consider that the intensity of the energy behind your vision (E) is equal to the material manifestation of the successful result you desire (m) times a constant (c2). You can’t change the constant, but you can control the intensity of your vision. Your success is directly related to the intensity of your vision. The clearer your vision, the more it propels you toward success. The key is to have a vision, a lifeline to the unlimited energy of success.

Your Life is the Big Show

Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” You are the author and star of your own big show!

Your vision is not a snapshot or a slide show. Life is a continuous process, and your vision must be a vision for your life as a whole. When you create your vision, don’t focus on the stepping-stones to your destination or on the rungs of the ladder that lead to your destiny. Life is not a sequential series of achievements leading to a final supreme achievement. Life is a continuum.

You are the author of the play. You write the script for your full-length life movie. What an opportunity you have! Write a script that presents your values, your philosophy, your ideas, and your needs. No censorship. No arguments. No compromises! Your vision is a dramatic presentation of your life as a whole. Write a beautiful script!

You are also the star of your show! You carry the action. You are the only person who knows how to play your role. Be your best at your part, and you will reap the highest rewards. The grandest vision is one that you enjoy pursuing. What a grand vision you have when you play your role without concern for money or fame, but because you love what you do!

Write Your Script

As you create your vision, ask yourself:

What kind of practice do I want to have?

What is a ‘stretch’ for me?

What is worth committing my life to for the next five to ten years?

Excellence is not being better than anyone else, but being the best YOU can be. Not being good at what others decide is important, but at what YOU consider important. Not besting anyone else, but doing what YOU enjoy. Success is living your personal vision! There is only one success—to pursue your unique vision.

Design your life, your vision, your future—the way YOU choose to design them. The more wonderful your dreams and the more vividly you envision them, the more magnificent your success will be!

About the Author

Dr. Mark Sanna is the CEO of Breakthrough Coaching. He can be contacted online at, or via the company’s website: