Energize Your Staff For Better Patient Outcomes

Susan Hoy, CA

If you had to choose between a brain and a spinal cord, which one would you choose? I love to ask this question to Chiropractors. Usually, the response I get is a very puzzled look! That’s because every Chiropractor knows that no one can live without either. In fact, in order to have a properly functioning body, both the brain and the spinal cord work together to generate and spread the life force throughout the body. The brain creates and the spinal cord houses the nervous system, which spreads the life-giving energy throughout the entire body to every cell, muscle, and organ. The result, of course, is life.

I ask this question to make an analogy between a properly functioning body and a properly functioning Chiropractic staff. Of course, I always give credit to the Chiropractor for being the brain from which the energy flows; however, every Chiropractor needs a properly-functioning staff in order to spread this energy throughout the office and into each and every patient who enters our doors. Every single successful Chiropractic practice that I know has a staff who is properly educated, energized and knows how to spread the energy. A busy Chiropractor cannot do it all alone!

We know that when a body is functioning properly every cell, organ and system works together to create and sustain life. It is healthy, alive and energized. If the energy flow is seriously restricted, however, via a subluxation, the function and possibly the life of the body is in jeopardy. The same is true when a staff is functioning properly. When every staff member is doing his or her job, the result is a successful, energized practice.

Have you ever felt that all-powerful feeling, when everyone on the staff is feeling that energy flow and putting it out to the patients in ever direction? Everyone seems energized, the phone is ringing, new patients are scheduling, patients are getting good results and are excited about you and your practice. It feels like a well-oiled machine and it doesn’t happen by accident! It only happens when the brain (the Chiropractor) realizes just how important the nervous system (the staff) is to the life of the organism (the practice).

Real estate agents know just how important creating a “feeling” is to the sale of a home. Advertising agencies and marketing professionals create a “feeling,” too. They are adept at creating a feeling and then flashing a product name in front of their audience. Sometimes, the commercial has nothing to do with the product; the purpose is to create a particular state of mind that will be associated with the product they are promoting. Suddenly, you must have that product!

Do not think for one minute that the same approach is not used in the Chiropractic office. It is so important to create those same feelings in our offices. Creating an atmosphere of faith, belief and confidence plays a huge role in the healing process. Putting out warm, caring energy is essential to create a successful practice and is ultimately the responsibility of the staff members, because they are responsible for the “first impression.” Therefore, those staff members must always be putting out that special feeling and positive energy.

I recently read an article about energy and how it affects others around us. It said, “Studies show that our positive emotions can change the energy field surrounding our hearts. If we feel flowing through our heart joy or love for some or compassion, our heartbeat becomes more regular. Feelings of anger or frustration produce a jagged heartbeat. Moreover, the heart’s vibration effects do not stop at the boundaries of our own bodies. It radiates into the space around us. It is clear, at least, that within our own physical space, we are all transmitters, able to give off either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ energy. Those feelings can have a dramatic effect on our overall well-being and the well-being of those around us.”

Recently, I gave a seminar for Chiropractic Assistants that was very poorly attended. One of the CAs asked me two very pertinent questions. “When will Chiropractors realize how important it is for CAs to be educated?” and “When will they understand that CAs need to be energized and motivated, too?” My answer was, “The successful ones do realize and do understand!” In fact, the successful Chiropractors that I know give their staff most of the credit, which, I believe, is a very unselfish, humble and intelligent thing to do. The result is a very motivated, grateful staff who realizes that they, too, can make a difference. Just as an adjustment does wonders for the nervous system, a motivational, educational seminar does wonders for the staff.

I have seen over and over again the results that a good seminar has on our staff. I have the statistics and graphs to prove it. When the Chiropractor and staff are energized, it automatically spreads to the patients. When the patients are energized, then you have a properly-functioning Chiropractic practice and you are having a dramatic effect on the health and well-being of your patients.

Energizing your practice is not only fun, but essential to the success of your practice. Energy is life giving and life supporting… you can’t afford to be without it. So energize your staff!