Goal Setting Is Essential to Your Success

By: Bob Hoffman, DC

I have studied goal setting and goal achieving for over twenty years, and I must tell you, it is easy, fun, and unbelievably rewarding. You can create the actual map to your secret treasure.

All success philosophers have spoken extensively about goals. They all agree on one simple point: You must decide what you want with clarity if you plan on getting it. My favorite quote about goals comes from Jim Rohn, who was Tony Robbins’ mentor and coach. Rohn said, “The true purpose of goals is to compel you to become the person it takes to achieve them.”

Becoming Who You Need to Be

Too many people mistakenly think goals are a destination you reach or don’t reach. They feel good when they accomplish the goal and bad when they don’t. For most, this bad feeling leads to not setting future goals because “they don’t work for me.” What is clearly most important is who you have to become, and how you have to grow and change, so that you accomplish the goal you set for yourself. Understanding this pivotal concept makes goal setting not only highly effective, but consistently raises your self-esteem and self-image.

Remember that goals are not “needs;” they are “wants.” Goals bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. It is a process that begins with a clear and specific direction, and continues with purpose and personal power.

Goals give you a reason and a method to continually raise your levels of awareness and expectation that are so important for success and happiness. When you choose a goal, your life immediately improves because you have become aware of a new direction for your life to take. Remember the rule: Where awareness goes, energy flows.

There are different goals for different aspects of your life. You should have professional goals, personal goals, financial goals, health goals, travel goals, etc. You should also establish your goals with time frames. Have specific one-month goals, three-month goals, six-month goals, one-year goals, five-year goals, etc. A goal without a timetable is called a wish.

Hitting the Target

To accomplish your goals, you must become and stay extremely focused. Anything that does not move you closer to your goal is a distraction and should be eliminated. The idea is to simplify your life and turn you into an unstoppable, heat-seeking missile aimed right on target for what you want…The Practice And Life Of Your Dreams.

Always frame your goal in the first person, present tense, and state the goal in the affirmative, as if it were already accomplished. Break your big goals down into daily goals, which make them much easier to manage and accept as real. Then, create a list of strategies needed to increase the odds of you accomplishing these goals. Finally, create a list of identities of who you have to be, how you have to show-up in order to accomplish your goals, and then find ways to leverage yourself to go after accomplishing your goals, like a hungry dog going after a T-bone steak.

A Successful Leverage

Let me share with you how I leveraged myself successfully. I would calculate exactly how much additional income would be produced when (not if) I accomplished my practice goals. For example, if my goal was to create an additional $100,000, I would take out a pen, a pad, and a calculator. I would then spend this extra income in advance on paper, being as specific as possible.

Perhaps I would spend $12,000 on my dream vacation to Hawaii for a week. I would put $30,000 into an interest bearing account. I would spend $23,000 to redecorate and modernize my office. In addition, I would pay down my debt with $10,000 and then I would use the remaining $25,000 to hire needed part-time staff and market my practice to attract more new patients.

Make these plans as real as possible. Get brochures of the hotel and beach in Hawaii.

Cut out a picture of the part-time CA you want to hire, and figure out how much your $30,000 in an interest-bearing account would be worth in twenty years.

Once your innate mind can see clearly, specifically, and emotionally how you will spend the extra $100,000 earned, it will then go into action to actually earn it. Your innate mind must have a target to aim at and then make mid-course corrections to hit the bull’s-eye of the target.

Ninety Days and Counting

Spend some quiet time this week to write down your specific goals for 2006. It is important to allow your subconscious ninety days to germinate and manifest your goals. Remember that either you tell the universe exactly what you want, or the universe will give you whatever is left over.

About the Author

Dr. Bob Hoffman is president of The Masters Circle, Inc, a personal consulting and leadership coaching organization dedicated to helping Chiropractors.