How to Create a New All-Star Team

By: Bob Hoffman, DC

Do you often hear your coach, mentor, or confidant telling you to “dream bigger,” even though you find that you’re not accomplishing even the smallest of your goals?

How do you dream bigger? I find that many people are afraid to dream big. They make excuses or get trapped by fear. You just need to change your strategy. Instead of working alone, you need to be part of an All-Star Team.

To succeed in life and to succeed in Chiropractic, you must have a team of all-stars who are highly trained, energetic, committed, and respectful.

So many Doctors of Chiropractic take the path of least resistance on this vital issue. They hire too fast and they hire anyone who will accept the position. To make matters worse, they don’t properly train them, educate them, empower them, or reward them.

It is essential that you shift your thinking and commit to constant training of your staff to create your All-Star Team. Before a Broadway play opens, the actors rehearse and then rehearse some more. Then they have previews to practice live in front of an audience before opening night.

In sports, world-class athletes go to spring training and practice and prepare for weeks before opening day. We need to do the same within our practice and train with our staff—starting with our purpose and mission.

What a Team Can Do for You

A great team can:

  • Make you better than you are
  • Multiply your value to others
  • Enable you to do what you do best
  • Allow you to help others do their best
  • Give you more time
  • Provide you with companionship
  • Help you fulfill the desires of your heart
  • Make everyone on the team a winner
  • Teams are incredible things

No task is too great, no accomplishment too grand, no dream too far-fetched for a team. It takes teamwork to make the dream work. This is one of the secrets to creating the practice and life of your dreams.

Teams come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re married, you and your spouse are a team. Just like a married couple, you can create that team in your practice with your associate, partner, and staff. Every day in some way, you are a part of a team.

The question is not, “Will you participate in something that involves others?” The question is, “Will your involvement with others be successful?”

How to “C” Your Way into Better Teamwork

John Maxwell’s work on teamwork is perfect for us as Chiropractors. He points out that it takes a team to achieve a dream. But what does it take to create a team is the obvious question. It takes…

  • Commitment that inspires results.
  • Contributions that make a difference.
  • Competency that raises the standard.
  • Communication that increases effectiveness.
  • Cooperation that creates harmony.
  • Chemistry that enhances personal connection.
  • Creativity that enlarges the team’s potential.
  • Conflict management that reduces tension.
  • Cohesiveness that allows change to be rapid.
  • Community that makes the journey fun.

Profile of a Winning Team

  1. They play to win.
  2. They have a winning attitude. 
  3. They keep improving.
  4. They make their teammates more successful.

Now that you know what a team can do for you, what it means to have teamwork, and what a winning team looks like, let’s build your Dream Team! If you are willing to take the risk and turn your dreams into reality, let’s get started right now. But if you are content with just dreaming the dream, then it’s time to turn fear into love.

Building Your Dream Team

Make the decision to build an All-Star Team. Successful leaders know that being decisive is one of the most important components of leadership. Teams just don’t build themselves. If you want to see your dreams come alive, dedicate yourself to team building. Take care of the team, and it will take care of the dream.

Gather the best players possible. The better the players, the greater the rate of success. Put the right people in the right places. Maximize each individual’s talents.

Pay the price to develop the team. Developing a team requires energy, time, and money. When you build a team, you pay with your life. But if you do, in return you receive a better life and a better practice.

Do things together as a team. The Law of Connection states that good team leaders know that you touch a heart before you ask for a hand. Practice this Law with your team and your patients. The way you create that connection with your team is by doing things together.

Empower team members with responsibility and authority. A team is most effective when the individual members realize their responsibilities and authority. Responsibility gives them desire. Authority gives them the means. Empowering your team will help you achieve more and continually improve.

Give credit for success to the team. If you want your team to stay hungry for the dream, then remember that nothing motivates a team like recognition. Give credit where it’s due.

Watch to see that the investment in the team is paying off. Leaders know that they can never afford to stop investing in their people. Activity does not always mean accomplishment. Measure your investments by results.

Stop investing in players who do not grow. Unfortunately, some of the team players are not the right fit for what we need to accomplish our goals. Do not invest more time and energy into people who do not perform. Life is short, and for every person who won’t or can’t grow, there is someone else who would love to benefit from what you have to give.

Create new opportunities for the team. Leaders realize that they are a by-product of a team succeeding. That means finding new opportunities for the team. Never let a day go by that you’re not looking for ways to help your team move forward and improve your practice.

Give the team the best possible chance to succeed. The best way to serve the individuals of the team is to see that the whole team wins. The team fails or succeeds together. Do that, and dreams can come true for everyone.

About the Author

Dr. Bob Hoffman is the President and Chief Operating Officer for The Masters Circle, a personal and professional consulting and coaching brain trust. He is a partner with two incredible industry leaders, Drs. Larry Markson and Dennis Perman. Dr. Hoffman’s purpose is to help heal and unite our beloved Chiropractic profession.

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