How to Prosper and Profit as a Chiropractor

By: Larry Markson, DC

It is my belief that all Chiropractors desire to increase their lot in life and make more money. Aspirations to increase material riches are natural, yet most DC’s wander through life searching for the pot-of-gold that always seems to elude their grasp. Obviously, they have not discovered the psychological attitudes and physical action steps necessary to attract money into their lives.

The principles I speak of work for all men and women, regardless of their past experiences or current financial situation. Most even find it difficult to relate to words like rich, wealth or fortune. They are abstract words, sometimes embarrassing and generally beyond the present comprehension of those who struggle to get ahead financially.

To begin with, let me state most emphatically that within the famous tribune of Health, Wealth and Happiness, money is NOT to be considered the most important. It is, however, vitally important in fulfilling the balance of that seemingly elusive triangle. Surely, we all want to be happy and healthy – why not wealthy, too? How can we expect to lead full and exciting lives and neglect to strive for the wealth that so beautifully complements health and happiness? All of these values are EQUALLY important! To deny wealth would be interfering with nature’s own law of balance and perfect order.

Money is not dirty! Money is NOT the root of all evil! The Bible states that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil… and I agree. There isn’t any virtue in being poor or living immersed in a “poverty concept”—especially if that concept was transferred to you by the stale and out-of-date thinking of past generations.

Do you really want to be part of the poor and huddled masses? Of course you don’t! None of us REALLY do!

The entire overall concept of this article is to inform you that Chiropractors too can accumulate wealth, IF they relinquish the FEAR of poverty and work diligently to refurbish their attitude, until they realize that it is quite all right to have money. There is nothing wrong with a DC who gathers his or her fortune and prosper, as long as they do it by rendering an unselfish and outstanding service to humanity. “A Compassion to Serve, Before a Compulsion to Survive.”

You will soon discover that all lasting riches come as a result of rendering a loving service to humanity, before looking to collect. If you give more of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually to each patient, out of proportion to what you get paid now, eventually you will get paid out of proportion to what you do. Think about that… it will grow on you and after a while, begin to make tremendous sense.

If you take the time to research and study past and present people of extraordinary means, you will surely be enlightened when you learn that wealth acquired without rendering a fair, equitable and beneficial service to humanity is short-lived. And, that people who set out to make money without truly earning it have in their histories despair, grief, ill health and unhappiness. They never seem to enjoy their wealth and their lives are filled with fears, worries and anxieties.

Earlier, I affirmed that money is plentiful for all those who understand and use the simple laws that govern its acquisition. Okay then, to begin the journey toward wealth, you need to break out and unshackle the chains of limitation that you have acquired over the years. You have got to develop a brand new way of thinking, acting and feeling. Your brain cells need to be stirred-up and motivated until you acquire a “prosperity consciousness, “—a “money mind”—and fall into the habit of thinking about abundance, bountiful supply, increase, expansion and overflow.

Our attitude has got to be that money is indeed in abundant supply, that it was created for our use in the first place and that we deserve the riches of life. That’s right, DESERVE! We deserve these riches because we SERVE, we CARE, and we help the body HEAL ITSELF… the highest calling of all!

Preceding any accomplishment, one must have a strong and definite DESIRE. To become independently wealthy, you must TRULY want to do so and become possessed with a burning desire, a definite chief aim and be able to focus your attention on the singleness of your purpose.

General desires are like the rays of the sun, scattered all over and generally bringing warmth. Those rays are invisible to the naked eye, and therefore vague and indefinite to your perception. However, if we were to use a magnifying glass, those rays soon become visible and very definite. They seem to converge to one focal point and instead of providing general warmth, this new CONTROLLED beam becomes fired with the intensity of its direction and provides enough heat to not only burn paper, but steel! In other words, you must be determined in your quest for riches. Where determination is, the way CAN most certainly be found!

Don’t allow anyone to talk you out of this determination, even if the arguments seem logical. The masses are unknowingly brainwashed into thinking and acting like the majority, and will spend all their time trying to convince you to be like they are. NEVER! Dare to be different, dare to be a minority, dare to be an individual that is determined to rise above mediocrity.

Affirm to yourself, commit your very being to beating mediocrity in all its shapes and forms. Have the guts and audacity to close your eyes, ears and mind to any unproductive conversation. Walk away, don’t listen and never ever let these negative “crepe-hangers” determine how you feel.

And, if you think that money is tight and in limited supply, visit a local bank in your community and watch all the people making deposits. Go to the airport and see masses of humanity flying somewhere or another. Drive through the exclusive section of your town or city and notice people, just like you, living in luxurious homes. See how many Mercedes, Jaguars and BMWs you can count on the way to work tomorrow. You’ll be amazed! Money is in abundant supply!

Someone once said that being broke is just a temporary situation, but being poor is an attitude of mind. How right they were! In fact, if all the monies of the world were distributed equally amongst its inhabitants, in five years the rich would be rich again and the poor would be poor again. That’s not a coincidence! Those that acquire fortunes willingly or unknowingly use the LAWS that make them successful.

Did you ever notice that some people seem to enjoy an insurance policy against failure? They don’t rely on luck or on a wheel of fortune, and they know that praying for material riches is the wrong use for spirituality. There is no vending machine God dishing out money for prayer. People of means know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you make your own luck by attracting opportunities, and that luck is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Successful people are people of ACTION because they know that massive action attracts success. There is no room in their vocabulary for the word “procrastination.” Procrastinators don’t accept opportunity when it comes—in fact, they don’t even recognize that it came. Procrastination is a cancer to the brain and it comes from a “lack” mentality in the first place. Procrastinators fight a poor self-image, even if they deny it, but you can witness the fact that they never complete anything and are always late with their obligations. This is the exact opposite of the prosperity consciousness that attracts riches.

You have probably noticed that I have constantly emphasized the word “attract.” This is because the human mind works like a magnet and ATTRACTS success to you just as the magnet attracts metal. Money is attracted into your life through the Law of Equal Return or the Law of Cause and Effect. As you sow, so shall you reap – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – what you see is what you get – and do unto others, etc., are sayings that you have all heard thousands of times. Sooner or later, you will discover though, that they are not just idle sayings, they are INFALLIBLE LAWS!

The human mind works like a mirror that reflects the EXACT image it sees. Simply stated, you attract into your life all you see in your mind’s eye and in direct proportion to what you GIVE emotionally and physically. That’s the secret!

Money is drawn to you by the primary change or transformation that takes place inside your skin, between your ears, and within your brain. In order to have a positive influence upon what you attract into your life, you must first rearrange your thought patterns until you become a positive thinker by HABIT.

Also, it is important for you to remember that we mostly judge people by their actions and we expect them to judge us by our intentions. Make your outside actions and inside intentions work in harmony, then direct that energy toward your goal.

So many Chiropractors I know spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to enhance their outer appearance, but never give a moment or spend any money to alter the atmosphere in which their mind dwells. Personally I read prosperity books, listen to tapes or CDs and do whatever possible to learn how to develop a prosperity consciousness. Here is a prosperity affirmation you may enjoy:

“I affirm this day that money is plentiful and in abundant supply. This money flows freely and constantly into my life as I render an outstanding health service to humanity.

“I fully accept wealth, because in my heart I know there has been an equal exchange of values. As more and more money flows to me, I search for ways to have it help others. With the full realization that there is no limit to the supply on money, I claim my share RIGHT NOW, and give thanks for the generous portion that I receive.

“On this day I give of myself unselfishly, extending my hand to help others. With FAITH and BELIEF in the Laws of Equal Return, I enthusiastically welcome this new supply of money and I am thankful for its acquisition.”