How To Reach the World of Golf

By: Shawn Olsen

Reaching golfers, golf pros and capturing a piece of the lucrative golf market is now easier than ever before. Networking with local and regional decision-makers and having a needed product and service is of the utmost importance.

With the recent study at Northwestern Health Sciences University, showing that wearing ParFlex Plus® by Foot Levelers, Inc. helped increase clubhead speed up to 7%, and the overall pain problems of golfers, there has never been a better time to focus some attention on the golf market. It is through partnering with golf pros/golf courses and leading in with the ParFlex Plus that will help you be successful.

Golfers of all calibers experience foot pain, head pain, cervicothoracic pain, shoulder pain and, yes, lower back pain. The golf swing itself is the culprit; yet, not many golfers are willing to give up the game! In fact, the sport continues to grow at a staggering pace, with 30 million people currently playing in the U.S. and creating a billion-dollar industry.

Nearly everyone lives in a city that has at least one golf course. This is the place to start the process of reaching the golf market. Private courses have members with more disposable income and a greater tendency to do something about their health problems. A public course gets more play on average, so you will most likely reach a greater number of golfers. Try them both.

Partnering with head pros/golf courses is the most effective way to reach golfers. Meeting these individuals is as simple as scheduling an appointment with them and introducing ParFlex Plus as a product that will benefit the golfing members. Also, a presentation could be given at your local PGA of America Section Meeting on the benefits of ParFlex Plus and Chiropractic. This is a large captive audience of decision makers.

Using the name of Bruce Summerhays, a Senior PGA professional who wears and endorses ParFlex Plus, gives you an entrée that golf pros would listen to. Summerhays finished 1999 at number six in driving distance after being fit for ParFlex Plus.

It doesn’t stop there. The same ParFlex Plus displays and literature that Foot Levelers provides for doctors’ offices can be used in the pro shop. “Fitting Days” can be scheduled at the golf course for members to meet the Chiropractor and be fitted for ParFlex Plus, and the fitting days could be announced in the club’s monthly newsletter and calendar. What a great package for a club to offer its members!

In addition to country club communities, many cities are seeing the rise in planned golf communities — especially in Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and the Carolinas, to name a few. Most country club and other golf communities have their own weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newspaper. Small-space ads in these papers are usually inexpensive, but reach a highly targeted audience. Check with the residence association to find out about advertising.

Chiropractic has much to offer to world of golf. Healthy golfers mean longevity, more playing time, and equipment purchases that translate to dollars for the golf courses. It is a matter of presenting the package of Chiropractic and ParFlex Plus and making it a needed part of the golfer’s regimen.

About the Author

Shawn Olsen brings hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of sales and marketing, and specific knowledge of the golf industry. Before co-founding Quantum Magnetics (MagnetRelief), he served as Director of Marketing for the leader in retail magnet sales and was instrumental in the development and growth of over 300%, mainly in the golf market, during his tenure. This industry-specific experience is augmented with over seven years of marketing consumer packaged goods. Shawn worked on such accounts as Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, Johnson & Johnson Sports Medicine Division, and Post Cereal. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University.