Inspiration: Monte H. Greenawalt, Total Commitment

By: Monte H. Greenawalt, DC, DABCO

Total Commitment

Are you one of the multitudes who have read numerous books on motivation and experienced little or no results? Did you have the feeling that those who wrote the books were made successful through the sale of their books? Believe it or not, this is not really the case. The authors are relating not only their own experiences, but those of others in an effort to share with others the key to gaining your own personal successes. There is much to be learned from these books, but the material is not to be read as a novel. They are to be studied as you would study a text book and reviewed until you have a complete understanding of the materials presented.

All too often we look for immediate results as if by magic. It must be remembered that old habits are hard to break and must be replaced with new. All things of worth take time and effort; therefore, you must be ready to make a total commitment to attain your new way of life. Attitudes, tenacity, action and positive visualization are to become a positive way to approach your goals. When immediate results are not forthcoming there is a tendency to move on to another course that will give fast action. There must be a fast, easy way to attain your goals. Not true.

You may have a friend or someone who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Lucky is the slot they are placed in when viewing their accomplishments. Their office is in the perfect location. Their patients are good patients that make many referrals. They find the perfect house and purchase it at a wonderful price with an assumable loan at a low rate. When you look from the outside it looks like everything falls into place for them and they don’t appear to be working nearly as hard as you work. These people are not really lucky; they have worked hard at achieving their goals.

My Personal History of Success

I want to take a moment and share with you the reasons why we want to be a part and help you and your patients. Possibly sharing this personal history will give you the background which has led us to our helping hand policy at Foot Levelers, Inc.

Set Goals

Our family was not one of great financial wealth. In fact, in the eyes of some people we could have been classified as poor. Each and every one of us are individuals who have our own interpretation and draw our own conclusions concerning everything from love, happiness, success, and degree of wealth. We didn’t feel poor and we didn’t feel needy.

My mother was very instrumental in helping us develop a great faith in God. We learned to be thankful for all our blessings. We learned not to criticize others as we had so many things to improve within ourselves. If we did become perfect, then we could set about correcting others.

We had a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on our back. I saw big houses and people driving big new cars. I told myself that someday I would have a big house and drive a Cadillac and do the things that the so-called rich people were doing. It didn’t take long to recognize that just wishing for something was not enough. If you wanted it you had to work for it.

When I was twelve years old I wanted a bicycle, but there was no one to give it to me. Our family didn’t have the extra money for a bicycle it seemed. Little did I know at that time that my father was a wise man. He seemed very mean to deprive me of the much-needed bicycle. I decided to plant a garden and sell the vegetables to make enough money to buy the bicycle. I got up early in the morning and sold the vegetables house to house. Believe it or not, I sold enough vegetables to buy a used bicycle, buy some clothes and give to the church.

The bicycle allowed me to cover a larger territory, and the wagon I made to pull behind really helped. Meeting nice people opened new ways to increase my income. I mowed lawns, washed windows, raked leaves and shoveled snow. It wasn’t long and I couldn’t handle the work. Many of my friends couldn’t get jobs, so I enlisted their help with this abundance of work. By the time I was a junior in high school, I supervised eighteen employees.

I received my drivers’ license and wanted a car. I had saved enough money to buy a car, and that first car cost 25 dollars. My father’s work caused him to travel from Monday until Friday each week. My new car was parked in front of the neighbor’s two houses up the street, as I didn’t want it parked in front of our house when he arrived home. Upon entering the house his first question was, “Whose car is that up the street?” I had to say it was mine. The next question was: “Where did you get it? Who sold it to you? You will take it back and get your money back.”

I needed the car and wanted to keep it, but his word was law. I didn’t take it back. I sold it for a nice profit of 35 dollars. When it sold so fast he said I should have kept it, as it was a good car. This time with his blessings I purchased another car and sold it. In my mind I was confronted with what could be called a negative by having to divest myself of the first car, but it was really a positive because of the learning experience. I was forced into finding another way of growing.

By the time I was a senior in high school I had the lawn and home care business plus the car business. I wanted good clothes and I wanted to be able to help our family. I learned an important lesson about caring and sharing by giving half of what I earned to the family and 10% to the church. My mother had a great deal of faith in God. We were taught to give 10% of what we earned.

There is a law in this universe that works: GIVE AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND. ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU. I believed it and it worked. There were so many times that I was told you can’t do it and it won’t work. I believed I could and worked to prove I was right. Not all the time, but many times it was proven to be right.


Upon graduation I aspired to be a doctor and started my pre-med training. Then came World War II and I enlisted. Following an injury I was paralyzed and told I would never walk. I prayed to die and I didn’t. Evidently God was not ready for me to leave this earth. I prayed to live and promised God if I could walk I’d devote my life to helping people. A Chiropractor helped me and I decided I was meant to be a Chiropractor.

Lincoln Chiropractic College in Indianapolis, Indiana, was the alma mater of my Chiropractor and I chose to go to his school. At that time most of the students had to work their way through school as the GI bill didn’t provide enough money. Never being able to find a job that would pay enough money motivated me to start my own business.

A car-polishing business was started and flourished. I needed help and hired some of my fellow students. This helped them work their way through Chiropractic college. While helping others, it helped me. They could make more money working with me, and the pay was more than most jobs, plus the work schedule was flexible. This project allowed me to save for my future office and a bride in time to come.

Graduation day came and shortly thereafter disaster hit and my savings were gone. There was no money to start my office. A Chiropractor offered me a job to work for him at the rate of fifty dollars a week. This didn’t seem to be a fair wage for what I thought I was worth, so I refused.


I knew I wanted to be a practicing Chiropractor and, filled with enthusiasm, visited the bank. They believed that the self-confident, enthusiastic, young Chiropractor was a good investment. I believed that I could help the people of this community.

The bank agreed to lease space in the basement of the bank. They then agreed to put in walls and amortize the cost with the five-year lease. Once the walls were in, I asked if they would lend me more money so that I could use the space. They did make available two thousand dollars. This was used to make small down payments on equipment.

The day the doors were opened I owed a little over nine hundred dollars a month. Office visits at this time were two dollars. The first week two patients came in and I didn’t accept either one of them since I didn’t feel they were Chiropractic cases. At the end of the month there wasn’t enough money to make the payments. However, having faith that God is our constant abundance supply the checks were written and mailed.

Before the checks could be returned to the bank, a patient came in and wanted to make a payment on his account. It was for five hundred dollars. I told him he didn’t owe that much and I could take care of him for the rest of his life for that amount. He insisted I take it since I had done something for him no other doctor had done. The check covered the outstanding checks. God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

Honesty, sincerity, and integrity were the keystone of my practice and within a year and a half, the office was too small. The five-year lease had me locked in, but once again the unforeseen happened. The bank wanted to expand to the basement. They moved me to the third floor with more room, no additional rent, and no cost of moving. Everything was going great, but once again in eighteen months there was not enough room. I had an associate by that time.

Abundant Supply

Chiropractic is a great and wonderful profession and there was always that dream and goal of having a clinic. I even had plans drawn and put them in my office. One day a patient called and wanted me to come to see him immediately. I was very busy, but made arrangements to see him at noon. He showed me an old school building and asked if it could serve as my clinic. Certainly it would make a great clinic, but all my money was reinvested in more equipment and I had no money. He handed me the keys to the building and told me to pay for it as I could. He then asked me, “Are you happy? Do you have what you want now?” I said, “No, I don’t have my Cadillac yet.” He handed me the keys to a year-old Cadillac and said, “Are you happy now?” I said, ”Yes,” and went back to my office. I now had a clinic building and a Cadillac which were not paid for, but there was no worry, because I knew everything would work out right.

The next real challenge came when I went to the bank for a loan to remodel the building that was not really mine. They refused to make the loan. I went to contractors and obtained bids for the work to completely gut the building, air condition three floors and put it into first-class condition.

Since the move was coming, new equipment including a new X-ray was ordered. Don’t forget, God is your constant abundant supply. There were still two years remaining on the five-year lease. Dunn and Bradstreet came to me when they heard of the move and offered to take my space if I would move out in thirty days. This was offered about thirty days after work was started on the new clinic. Great, now the lease was taken care of without expense.

The contractors paid for congratulation ads in the newspaper and we were to have an open house. The newspaper required one week in advance notice for a full page ad. One week before the mandatory moving day the ad was placed even though the building appeared to be far from ready for an open house. Walls weren’t completed, equipment wasn’t installed and any normal person would have said; “You are crazy, it can’t be done.” I’ve been told “it can’t be done” and “it won’t work” most of my life and never believed it. I didn’t believe it then.

On Saturday night about midnight, the day before the open house, we were ready. Hundreds of people came to view the new clinic. We opened with a total of four Doctors of Chiropractic. Our first month’s income was a little over $18,000.00 and we started to grow. The contractors received their monthly checks and the equipment people got theirs. You can t what the mind can conceive if you have faith and are willing to work and sacrifice for it.


Two hundred to two hundred-fifty patients visited our clinic each day. We opened by 7:00 a.m. and closed after 8:00 p.m. Each patient was treated with discipline, love and understanding. There was no need to advertise since the patients sent their relatives and friends.

Each patient received a good and complete examination. Those patients who needed to be referred to other doctors were given an appointment to return to our office for re-examination to determine if the referral doctor was accomplishing all that we felt best for the patient’s welfare. If the referral doctor was not accomplishing his mission, the patient was referred to another doctor. Our reputation grew to the point the people were saying, “See Dr. Greenawalt first. If he can’t handle your case, he will refer you to someone else and then see that they are doing their job.”

We always felt that referring a patient to someone else was not dismissing the patient; it was just a way to help the patient and still allowing him to remain under our care. Honesty, sincerity, and integrity are truly the keystone to a successful practice.

Overcome Tragedy

The year of 1968 gave me another real challenge. I was going to buy a new car and a friend wanted to make the same consideration. We were on a two-lane highway and had to stop to make a left hand turn. I was sitting in the right front seat with my arm over the back while talking with the driver. It was a happy time and we were anxious to see the new cars. Then it was like lightning struck. A drunk drove into the back of us at 70 miles per hour. My friend looked into the rear view mirror just before impact and hung onto the steering wheel.

The impact threw us to the rear of the automobile, ripping out the front seat, tearing off the steering wheel, driving the back of the car into the back seat and putting a big hump in the roof. The car was a total wreck. The engine of the car that hit us was driven back to the drunk driver and locked his legs to the front seat. You can well imagine the results of this type of collision. My neck was whipped in a lateral direction, my back was injured and one knee.

If you have a patient presenting a whiplash type of injury and complains of bizarre symptoms, don’t dismiss them as psychological. If he feels that your treatment is taking too long for the desired results, or you may be searching for the general almost miraculous results, keep the faith. The body does require time to heal from the severe traumatic incident.

It was two years before I could go to the office. There was no insurance and the drunk driver owned nothing. If there would have been anything to gain financially I would have the question of subconscious effort to build a case for a good settlement. In reflection, this was a positive experience. Once again my faith in God was strengthened. Many good things happened when I could do nothing but think and allow my creative mind to come forth with new and productive ideas.

Helping the Profession

Going back to the early 50’s, when we were seeing two hundred to two hundred and fifty patients a day and many new patients wanting care, a big question was constantly before us. Why don’t our adjustments hold longer? It seemed logical that the adjustments held longer if the patient didn’t walk. Being in the upright position subjected the body to the gravitational stress. We stood on our feet that were in shoes. Could the shoes or the feet — or both — be a factor?

I started to send patients to the podiatrist. He cast the feet non-weightbearing, and the appliances he made did not solve the problem. I started to work on my philosophy and designed an instrument to take sixteen measurements of the feet. The results improved and the adjustments did hold better. Other doctors wanted me to help them with their patients. It seemed this would be a good thing for the entire profession and Foot Levelers, Inc., was founded.

The instrument was a failure for many of the field doctors as it was necessary to take in-depth study and time to use it. A search was begun to find a way for the doctor to send his patient’s feet to us for analysis. The foam casting method was discovered.

It was still too early for many of the chiropractors to accept the idea that the feet were not an isolated part of the body. In those days, it did not seem that the body was a group of integrated and inter-related parts and the posture complex was fully encompassing. I believed and the patient results confirmed the fact that balancing the imbalanced foot helped chiropractic adjustments hold better.

I was told by my CPA attorney that I should give up trying to make Foot Levelers go as I was going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg – the clinic. I lost over one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars before the company showed a break-even mark. He said I should use it for our own private use and keep it for a hobby. I knew that I must continue to help my colleagues help their patients and I didn’t quit.

Today, thousands of Chiropractors use our service and well over a million pairs of functional orthotics have been custom-made for patients throughout the world. “Dare to believe and ye shall receive. Ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and ye shall find.” The goal to give and serve this wonderful profession of chiropractic is being fulfilled.

Retaining Adjustment

The Pillo-Pedic® was developed and designed after three years of research. When it was finally ready for the profession, the car accident curtailed the introduction. I contacted a man in New York who was known as the pillow king. He reviewed the Pillo-Pedic and expressed great enthusiasm. However, six weeks later he came back with the results of his test marketing: the Pillo-Pedic will not sell.

Once again I did not believe “it won’t work” and “it can’t be done.” Time went by and chiropractic care was restoring my health and presenting the Pillo-Pedic to the chiropractic profession commenced. Hundreds of thousands of patients are sleeping on the Pillo-Pedic and their demand is constantly growing. Since the introduction of the Pillo-Pedic, many cervical pillows are being presented to the profession, but our growth has never slowed.

The Pillo-Pedic, functional orthotics really help the patient retain their adjustments. You can muscle test to find the side of the Pillo-Pedic that will be most beneficial for the patient. There are four different corrections in the one unit. It will be found that periodic checking or re-examination of the patient will reveal that a different side or long edge of the unit is indicated as the patient progresses. Honest and sincere caring for the patient will necessitate periodic re-evaluation to determine how to best care for that patient as your corrective adjustments result in the changing needs of the patient management program.

Positive Attitude

Your mental attitude is very important to you and your patients. You will project who you are and where you are going consciously or unconsciously. It is, therefore, very important for you to search within yourself to find the real you. Once you find the real you, you will be great and grow to be even greater.

You made the decision to dedicate your life to serving people through chiropractic. There are thousands of people searching for the services you have to offer, and they will seek you out if you have the proper mental attitude. You must like yourself and develop good self-esteem to make the right projections. Robert H. Schuller stated, “We are insecure persons by nature; yet we try to hide this deep-rooted insecurity by adopting various types of behavior.”

You are part of the greatest healing profession in the world. You have every right to be self-confident and extend a helping hand to suffering humanity. There is no need to feel insecure when you have so much to offer. Ask yourself, “Do I feel inadequate as a doctor, and do I really feel that I am capable of helping the patient?” Don’t lie to yourself. Admit it if you feel inadequate, but don’t remain in that position if it is true. Take some post-graduate seminars and put yourself into a position of knowing you are the doctor that can really serve the patient with positive results.

See yourself as a successful doctor and act out the part. It will become reality. Look for positive results and fill your thoughts with joy, happiness and anticipation. Remember, you can turn a sour lemon into lemonade if you only make the effort.