Marketing Your Practice In the 21st Century (Part II)

By: Kent S. Greenawalt

None of us can deny the tremendous effects the Internet has had on the ways we communicate. According to The Strategis Group (, there are approximately 100 million American adults using the Internet and this number continues to increase. With this many people taking advantage of this global communications system, it makes perfect sense to delegate this medium as an important component of any marketing plan.

Using the Internet to Create Referrals

The most effective way to take advantage of the benefits the Internet has to offer is by creating a presence on the World Wide Web with a website. In an effort to continue our referral campaign to bring Chiropractic to the world, Foot Levelers will soon be offering “Hassle Free” websites for Chiropractors. We will help you create a presence on the World Wide Web for your practice by designing an attractive and informative website.

These sites will be custom-made for each practice, with each doctor choosing the design of the site and what information will be included.

Marketing over the Internet has many advantages. It is generally less expensive than other forms of advertising, such as television and radio, and is always accessible. If a patient or potential patient has a question or wants more information about your practice, they would normally have to call during regular business hours to find what they’re looking for. If your practice has a website, however, the patient could access it at their convenience to obtain the information needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Also, a website gives you the freedom of providing a great deal of detailed information on your practice and the services you offer for your patients. You can highlight the benefits of your services in a much more expansive manner than print or broadcast advertising can allow. In addition, the information you provide for patients on your website can be updated constantly.

Another way we are using this Internet technology to help create more referrals for your practice is by launching the online Foot Levelers Store. Here, individuals interested in orthotics and Chiropractic will be referred to Chiropractors in their area. Using this medium is an excellent way to reach the masses and encourage them to take advantage of the benefits of Chiropractic.

We Haven’t Forgotten the Basics!

Although the Internet is a great way to reach a large number of potential patients, we haven’t forgotten the traditional forms of advertising. Foot Levelers will also soon be offering specialized print advertisements for Chiropractors. Similar to our website services, we will design print advertisements for your practice that you can use where and when you want. These advertisements will be professionally designed to meet the needs of your practice and will be ready to use in newspapers and other publications.

Television advertising is another effective way to reach people, but this is an expensive route to take. Foot Levelers recognizes this form of advertising as an excellent way to communicate with large numbers of potential patients for Chiropractors – that is why we are sponsoring a segment on CNBC’s “Today’s Health” program, which is hosted by Emmy award winning broadcast journalist Faith Daniels.

“Walk Right, Feel Right” will be a three-to-five-minute segment focusing on orthotics and Chiropractic. The number of individuals who could potentially be reached with this segment is astounding, with CNBC boasting over 68 million viewers. Also, the segment will be placed on Video News Release, a service used by 98 percent of the television newsrooms in the country, with the chance to be featured again by local television stations.

We are also continuing are efforts to target golfers. We are currently running advertisements in major golf publications such as Golf Tips and Senior Golfer. The purpose of these advertisements is to let golfers know how orthotics, particularly Foot Levelers’ custom-made ParFlex PlusÒ, can help improve their golf game. When the golfers call us to get more information about orthotics, we refer them to Chiropractors in their area, creating more referrals for your office.

About the Author

Kent S. Greenawalt is president of Foot Levelers, Inc. He is also chairman of Foot Levelers’ Educational Division, which presents license-renewal seminars and other programs throughout the nation. Greenawalt has helped revolutionize the way Chiropractors treat patients by developing and patenting many Chiropractic products for everyday patient use.