Paradigm Shift: the Roar of Awakening

By: Larry Markson, DC

Once upon a time there was a tigress who was about to give birth. One day when she was out hunting she came upon a herd of goats. She gave chase and even in her condition managed to kill one of them. But the stress of the chase forced her into labor and she died as she gave birth to a male cub. The goats, who had run away, returned when they sensed that the danger was over. Approaching the dead tigress, they discovered her newborn cub and adopted him into their herd.

The tiger cub grew up among the goats believing he, too, was a goat. He bleated as well as he could, he smelled like a goat, and ate only vegetation. In every respect he behaved like a goat. Yet within him, as we are well aware, beat the heart of a tiger.

All went well until the day that an older tiger approached the goat herd and attacked and killed one of the goats. The rest of the goats ran away as soon as they saw the old tiger, but our tiger/goat saw no reason to run away, of course, for he sensed no danger.

Although the old tiger was a veteran of many hunts, he had never in his life been as shocked as he was when he confronted the young tiger. He did not know what to make of this full-grown tiger who smelled like a goat, bleated like a goat, and in every other way acted like a goat. Being a rather gruff old duffer, and not particularly sympathetic, the old tiger grabbed the young one by the scruff of the neck, dragged him to a nearby creek, and showed him his reflection in the water. But the young tiger was unimpressed with his own reflection; it meant nothing to him and he failed to see his similarity to the old tiger.

Frustrated by this lack of comprehension, the older tiger dragged the young one back to the place where he had made his kill. There he ripped a piece of meat from the dead goat and shoved it into the mouth of our young friend.

We can well imagine the young tiger’s shock and consternation. At first he gagged and tried spitting out the raw flesh, but the old tiger was determined to show the young one who he really was, so he made sure the cub swallowed this new food. When he was sure the cub had swallowed it all, the old tiger shoved another piece of meat into him, and this time there was a change.

Our young tiger now allowed himself to taste the raw flesh and the warm blood, and he ate this piece with gusto. When he finished chewing, the young tiger stretched, and then, for the first time in his young life, he let out a powerful roar—the roar of the jungle cat. Then the two tigers disappeared together into the forest.

Heinrich Zimmer tells this story in the opening of his book, The Philosophy of India, and calls the young tiger’s roar the “roar of awakening.” What is this “roar of awakening?” It is the discovery that we are more than we think we are, a total paradigm shift. It is the discovery that we have taken on identities that incorrectly or inadequately express our essential being. It is as though we have been dreaming and suddenly we awaken from the dream, look around, and become aware of a totally different reality.

Let us reconsider the story of the tiger/goat: Until he meets the old tiger, he believes he is a goat and he experiences the world as a goat would experience it. The young tiger’s reality is that of a goat, but we can see that his goat-like perception of reality allows him to experience only a fraction of his total being. We know he is capable of many other perceptions, emotions, and activities. We might paraphrase the story and say that he only manifested his goat “self” until the old tiger awakened him to his essential being—the tiger he really was.

Symbolically, we are all raised as goats; we are all raised in cultures and families where we are trained to think, feel, and see in specific, predetermined ways. Because our learned perceptions are all that we know, we naturally assume that the world around us actually exists as we perceive it, and the self we know is the only one there is. This is our reality. Remember, “Your Beliefs Become Your Reality!”

Consider a Chiropractor or CA who has been raised to believe that knowledge and understanding is the key to success. If you believe that your mind is your primary source of information regarding the world, then you are in the same situation as our tiger/goat. You will know nothing of your “other” nature. You will know nothing of imagination, deeper intuitions, the reality and validity of feelings, and give no credence to your infinite ability to manifest the practice and lifestyle of your dreams. Then unfortunately, you will be denied the richness and pleasure that this “other” nature could bring to you.

It is this “other” nature—these “lost” parts of ourselves—that MVP & The Masters Circle seeks to help you restore. It is our hope that through using the techniques and understanding gained throughout our program, you too may give voice to your own deep “roar of awakening” and discover the wealth of your unexplored self.

After all, you already have within you all the component ingredients of complete happiness and satisfaction, total physical well-being, an incredible practice and monetary success.

For more years than I’d like to count, I have been teaching Chiropractors and Chiropractic assistants how to create “thoughts” that will literally change, not only their practices, but more importantly, change their entire lives, as well. And, this is not some motivational or public relations rhetoric…the results are clearly documented in our files.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the acquisition of true success requires that you CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK OR VIBRATE, which well might be the most difficult task on earth. Yet, the committed do it all the time…and therefore, you can too!

Change Your Mind and You Change Your Life… and NOT Before!

“Our brains become magnetized with the dominant thought we hold in our minds and by means with which no man is familiar, these magnets attract to us the forces, the people and the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominant thoughts.”

—Andrew Carnegie

We live in a unified field of energy. Everything is energy! We are energy. All of life is governed by the Laws of Energy. Energy vibrates and is electro-magnetic. Our life is determined by our vibrations and by the operation of the “Law of Attraction” – a law that is as real and immutable as the Law of Electricity.

With the above premise in mind, we know that everything has an “energy field,” also known as an “aura.” There is nothing mystical or supernatural about an aura. Your aura is the energy field that emanates from you. It is made up of your “vibrations.” Vibrations have two measurements: Frequency (rate) and Amplitude (power). We as human beings attract into our lives what we are in harmony or resonance with. This is determined by the frequency of the vibrations we radiate into the universe.

This theory has been much too esoteric for many, until quantum physics explained that the universe is energy that is always vibrating at frequencies that attract or repel the components of our lives to us or from us.

Your Mind is Like a Radio

The clearest example of how vibrations work is that of radio broadcasting, where there are transmitters and receivers. Our radio “picks up” or attracts the station that it is in resonance with. Change the station, by moving the dial, and you pick up a different program. All stations are still broadcasting, but you can only “receive” what your radio is “tuned to.” The amplitude has to do with how loud (powerful) the vibrations are. You can increase or decrease the power, by turning the radio dial (focus, passion, attention) higher or lower, while continuing to receive the same broadcast.

And so it is with life. Your mind is always transmitting vibrations, and at the same time it is receiving vibrations (in the form of people, places, things, conditions, circumstances situations and events, etc.) from the universe, which become experiences in your life. Like it or not, we attract what we are “in tune with.” Therefore, we can say that we attract what we think and we get what we VIBRATE!

How Passion Overcomes Subconscious Programming

Most of our thoughts are not “thoughts” at all – they are automatic reactions coming from our subconscious beliefs and pre-programming. These automatic reactions vibrate into the universe from the unified field. We simply broadcast, knowingly or unknowingly, “who we are” and those vibrations are what we are in harmony (or congruent) with.

If we are not programmed for what we want, we resonate with what we don’t want and that’s what we get. That is why changing our subconscious programs (or de-programming ourselves) is so vitally important.

Tremendous emotion (passion) for what we love and want to share with the world will overcome the most negative childhood programming, but most people simply do not have that kind of passion. Try as they may, their old programs continue to send vibrations into the universe…and nothing really changes. The choice is ours. Either we become passionate about what we want to create and send the vibrations of that passion into the universe or be acutely conscious of our old automatic thoughts when they come up and deliberately change and reframe them on the spot. Either way we are creating the cause that brings us the consequences of those thoughts.

The point is… our vibrations determine our life and we are so fortunate to have the power to change them. The person who radiates their passion is, in essence, radiating and vibrating LOVE, and that emotion supercedes all other vibrations and thoughts.

How to Change Your Vibrations and Programming

Everyday, when you get up in the morning, tell yourself, “Today, I will be aware of what I am vibrating.” Then keep in mind that what you focus your attention on, especially if done with emotion, is what you are vibrating in harmony with. Where your attention goes…your energy flows – and it is with this vibrating energy that you “create” your life.

Many of you vibrate in harmony with the very thing you want to eliminate in your life. All smokers say they want to quit, but who they are inside (the addiction, the fear, the lack of control) vibrates with the thoughts of a smoker…so they continue to smoke. All heavy people want to be thin, but their internal vibrations create their desire for food. All DCs with small practices THINK AND VIBRATE at lower frequencies and amplitudes internally and therefore attract into their practices the number of new patients, the length of time they stay and whether or not they are willing to pay.

In short… Change your VIBRATIONS and you Change your LIFE! You can have whatever it is that you want! In fact, we at The Masters are dedicated to helping you reach every goal and live every dream you’ve ever dared to dream.