Setting Goals Is Your Key to Success

By: Monte H. Greenawalt, DC, DABCO

Take a good look in the mirror. Make certain you are honest with yourself and then ask the simple question, “What have I really wanted that I didn’t get?” In a moment, you will realize that the things you have really wanted you did get. The things you only thought you wanted did not materialize. If you are not honest with yourself, you may feel that you have wanted and did not get or achieve that want. Your honest wants can all be yours. You may find it necessary to sacrifice by giving up things, and work with a stronger purpose than ever before, but you will achieve your goal in time. You have demonstrations of this fact all around you, and you have experienced the same when you had that real want.

Here are some examples. You have seen the family that was termed poverty stricken. They apparently didn’t have the money for the so-called necessities of life. However, they have a television set. They found a way to get the television set they wanted. Disaster struck when the tube blew. Now, these people didn’t have the money to go to the doctor because payment was required. They did not have the money for groceries, but there is always enough for beer or wine. Somehow they find a way to get the TV repaired. Why? How? Because they wanted the TV to work and they found the way to make it work. They weren’t required to exert all this energy to get medical attention or get food; someone would come to the rescue, be it federal assistance, good will agencies, or other social agencies.

Many feel the road of least resistance is best. Why put forth the effort, when someone else will solve the problem? Let’s take the example of the young man or lady who is about to receive their driver’s license. They want to own a car or at least have one to drive. If they really want a car to drive or one of their own, they find the way. These are examples of attaining and gaining wants. Everyone may tell you can’t have it and it won’t work, but if your want is great enough you will be driven forward with an insatiable desire that will make your wants reality. This means you will put forth the sacrifices and efforts necessary to make them come true. Your honest wants can all be yours.

Real Wants Are the Key

Ask yourself a simple, honest question: “What have I really wanted that I didn’t get?” In a moment you will realize that the things you have really wanted you did get. Those things you only thought you wanted did not materialize. It is well to remember you can’t put a seed in the ground and harvest a crop in the morning. You must prepare the soil, plant the seed, fertilize the ground, water and cultivate your seeds. Your planning, caring, working, and sacrificing produce great rewards when you harvest the crop. By proper planning and a willingness to further sacrifice you can save part of the harvest for planting an even larger crop in the future. You know and realize a larger goal (crop) will necessitate even more planning, more work, and more sacrifice. If your honest goal-want is right, it will be realistically honest and right within you. You will climb that mountain, and you will climb to whatever height you want. The only thing that can stop you—is you!

Growing Is Sharing

One of the most powerful ways for you to grow is to share. Share with your friends and colleagues. Help them to have the desire to set their own goals and enjoy the good life. Remember, you cannot give without receiving. Your sharing with others is giving. You’ll find that the teacher always gets more from the lesson than the student. Therefore, as you give and share you will grow stronger and more enthusiastic. Your life will expand in a very gratifying way. However, be careful that you do not try to force your way of thinking on others, as they must be themselves to be at their best.

That old story about leading the horse to water, but not being able to make him drink is very true. You can share your thoughts and ideas with others, but don’t be disappointed or discouraged if your words fall on deaf ears. It could be that the person is simply not ready for this new way of thinking. As you read this article it may be that you have certain negative feelings about what is being said. None of us is in a position to judge the other person. We have enough to do to see that we are all that we want to be. After all, there are different strokes for different folks.


We have been constantly referring to being honest with yourself. Self-evaluation and self-honesty are probably the hardest parts of approaching the new life you can build for yourself and loved ones. Most of us have been in the habit of hiding behind our own excuses. We have been making excuses to justify the reasons for failure to achieve for so long we believe our own fabrications. We have justified with our own logic all that seems negative in our lives. It is easy to believe your own excuses. You have many around you who will help reinforce your belief in your negative thoughts, and it is generally much easier to be negative than positive. If the road to success were easy, everyone would be successful. You must constantly be on the alert for any invasion of negative thinking. There isn’t a single negative thought that can’t be turned around into a good, positive thought, once you make up your mind.

Your Goal Program

New patients are always part of the doctor’s goal program. Let’s take a different look at your practice. You have files that are filled with past patients who are no longer active. Many of these patients have referred friends and relatives to you. Why aren’t these patients active? Did you give them Chiropractic care that was so good they don’t need further care? Is your service to the patient lacking follow-through? Just to prove that your thoughts are powerful and can result in action, make a simple test. Go to your files and pull 50 or 60 case history files of patients who haven’t been to the office for one or two years. Read over the names of each file and think nice thoughts about these patients. Spend four to five seconds with each file, repeat the same review twice a day for two weeks. You will find that within this two-week period three to ten patients will call and make an appointment.

Your thoughts are powerful and can result in very positive results. Therefore, it is extremely important to realize negative thoughts can have the same power and can bring negative results into your life.

Once you have gone through the exercise described above, you will recognize the importance of setting goals and continually reading and working toward them. Your thoughts are things and they will become reality as your purpose is fortified with the continued reading of the goals.

Patient Examination

As the well-disciplined Doctor of Chiropractic, you will examine your patient with the same care and concern that you would want if you were the patient. Your examination demonstrates to the patient that you care. Yes, you are concerned enough to spend the time and make the effort to do all possible to find the answer to his or her problem. I’ve heard doctors say that they do not accept a new patient without X-rays and examination. Many of these same doctors must feel that they have completed such a thorough examination, that the patient does not need another examination, no matter how much time may lapse since the first exam. Taking a history is important when you have not seen the patient for a period of time.

Our bodies do change as they are subjected to traumas, aging, etc. Most of your patients have sent you members of the family and friends. Yet, it is so easy to give these wonderful, loyal patients inferior care, because you have taken care of them so many times. Caring for these patients in much the same manner, as you did when they first came for your services, is certainly warranted. You continually demonstrate that you care when you perform in this manner. I know it is easy to want to save the patient money; therefore, the examination is deleted. This can be an honest error. However, to be the doctor conducting his practice with honesty, sincerity, and integrity you can’t run a pocketbook practice. Cost or money has nothing to do with your patient’s needs. You should do all that is necessary to best serve the patient with no thought or concern for money. This does not mean you do not charge for your services; it simply means do what is necessary to best serve the patient. Your patients will appreciate it and your practice will grow.


One of the greatest ways to build, gain, and maintain your enthusiasm is to share with your friends and colleagues. Help and encourage them to set their own goals and enjoy the good life. Remember, sharing builds your enthusiasm and enthusiasm is contagious. When you are enthusiastic about your work, others have more interest in what you are doing. When you are enthusiastic about Chiropractic, others become interested in Chiropractic. Enthusiastic interest in your patients makes your patients feel you care. In fact, you must care if you express enthusiasm for your patients. Your goals are achieved faster when you really believe that you will accomplish them. You become excited about achievement; the result is enthusiasm.

Having a road to follow to a pre-determined destination gives you confidence that you can and will reach your destination. Setting your goals will give you your destination. Reading your goals three times each day and working with a plan is your road to success. Initially, don’t make your goals long-range. Short-range goals that can be realized within thirty days build confidence and provide the stepping stones to gain bigger, longer-range goals. Don’t forget, when setting your goals, be honest with yourself by believing the goals are what you really want. Know within yourself that you can achieve the goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you should not try to run before you have learned to walk. It takes many bricks to make tall buildings, and achievement of many little goals will result in achieving your big, long-range goal.

The Secret

The secret of success is to do it now. Look within and determine your goals. You have the secret. Put it into action. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you don’t use it, it is useless. You know the importance of goals—NOW WRITE THEM AND PLACE THEM IN YOUR “GOAL MINDER.” Read them three times a day and you will achieve them. Live your life as you want and desire.