Stress Prevention: A Total Care Approach

By: Chris Akey, DC

I get asked a lot of questions by my colleagues regarding Foot Levelers’ custom-made functional orthotics. For example, “How do the feet affect the back?” There is a definite mechanical component here, but I want to focus on a more vitalistic approach: prevention.

If you have read any of my “Firm Footing” articles in The Chiropractic Journal in the past year, you know that I am a wellness revolution Chiropractor. This is where we are and where we are heading. When it came time to write this article, I wanted to give a rationale of why custom-made orthotics are not only good for existing conditions (such as subluxations, back pain, disc problems, etc.), but that they can help prevent these and other conditions or problems from becoming a reality.

“What?” you ask. “Custom-made orthotics can help prevent subluxations?” Of course!

More Stress, Less Health

If we look at an organism from a vitalistic approach, the more stressed it is, the more unhealthy it is. Just the opposite would be true; less stress would result in a healthier organism. Replace “organism” with the word “body” and now read the sentence. Now replace the word “body” with “foot,” “knee,” “hip,” “spine,” or “nerve system.” Now you get it. We have a choice when we put our bodies in stressful situations as to how we can react or respond to them.

I look at responding as prevention. We know we constantly put ourselves through stress; and since stress has such a negative effect on our health, we can either help prevent the effects that would result, or we can wait and react to the effects. Let’s not do what 80% of the world does and wait to react to a crisis. We as wellness revolution Chiropractors should be teaching prevention, and we should be practicing what we teach.

Stress Relief

When wearing custom-made orthotics in your shoes, less stress is produced in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine. This is especially true if you stand or walk on hard surfaces for more than four hours a day, if you participate in any strenuous physical activity, have any previous injuries to weightbearing joints, if your shoes wear unevenly, etc.

You may have read in The Chiropractic Journal of my experience when I started wearing custom-made orthotics. I had no major problems, just tired feet for a short time. That sensation quickly vanished as my body got used to the products. The peace of mind I now feel, knowing that I am helping to prevent subluxations in my spine and extremities, is awesome. My shoes wear evenly now, which helps them last longer.

An Easy Fit: Stress Prevention and A-S-R

Getting the full benefit of custom-made orthotics is a very pleasant lifestyle shift that takes place on a daily basis. It gets clearer as I understand the effects of stress and gain more respect for the subluxation, the silent killer. Being congruent with my practice is huge to me.

I have also achieved a greater level of appreciation for what Foot Levelers calls the A-S-R Program, and its role in stress prevention. The overall A-S-R concept is: Adjustments (from a doctor of Chiropractic), Support (from Foot Levelers’ orthotics and cervical support pillows), and Rehabilitation (from Foot Levelers’ exercise systems).

Because we spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, stress and irritation from prolonged, poorly supported sleeping positions can lead to painful conditions in the head, neck, and shoulders. Now that Foot Levelers has created the world’s first custom-made cervical support pillow, the Exclusively Yours®, stress prevention has been elevated to a whole new level of Chiropractic care.

About the Author

Dr. Chris L. Akey has been in practice for five years and currently runs Life Family Chiropractic in Farmington, Arkansas. His focus is educating his community to be subluxation free.