Turn Stress Into Success: Lessons from Street-Smart Chiropractors


By: Larry Markson, DC, Bob Hoffman, DC, and Dennis Perman, DC

We as a society are more “stressed-out” than ever before. Today, the stress of careers, deadlines, conflicts, family—as well as demands on our time and money—take a huge toll on our health and well-being. Just as a chain breaks at its weakest link, we exhibit stress at the weakest link in our body.

Stress basically comes in three forms of overload. We encounter physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress. In fact, we are subject to all three almost all the time. When we overload, it always manifests in symptoms at our weakest link. Some of us develop ulcers, some migraines; some low back pain, some insomnia, etc. However, it is essential that you realize that nerve system stress (vertebral subluxation) is the underlying culprit.

Stress Costs $150 Billion a Year

Did you know that between 75% and 90% of all visits to doctors are stress related, and that job stress is considered the foremost adult health problem in America today? Stress-related disorders cost American industry over $150 billion each year in decreased productivity, disability, and absenteeism.

Stress is being increasingly linked to such diseases as cancer, hypertension, heart attacks, allergies, and a host of addictions. Stress can reduce the effectiveness of the body’s disease-fighting immune system. The evidence is becoming clearer that anxiety and anger are just as dangerous for the heart as bad diet, lack of exercise, and genetic inheritance.

Stress is not an external problem; it is always your internal response to the external problem. Some of us appear to thrive on stress, while others get sick or even die from the same stress. It is a nervous-system function to interpret and respond to any stressful stimulus. The health of your nerve system will determine if you respond in a positive or negative manner.

When your nerve system is working normally, it is available to properly respond. However, when you have spinal stress and nerve system stress (vertebral subluxations) you are much less available to respond properly. It has clearly been our observation that people under long-term Chiropractic care are more relaxed, and more capable to respond to external and internal stressful events.

Chiropractic Care Reduces Stress

Chiropractic care is the fastest, most effective, and least expensive way to reduce stress and anxiety. The happiest, stress-free people we know are people who get regular adjustments and choose to live the Chiropractic lifestyle.

Chiropractic offers a drug-free, long-term solution to stress, because Chiropractors are experts in the function of your spine and nerve system. Spinal adjustments reduce tension and normalize the function of your nerve system. Finding the “weak links” in your spine and restoring normal alignment and movement by properly adjusting the subluxations creates a profound difference in your ability to effectively respond to stress.

It may not be possible to remove all the stress from your life, but it is possible to allow your innate healing wisdom functioning through your nerve system to respond to stress in a positive manner. Like a relaxing vacation, Chiropractic care will help give your nerve system a greater capacity to adjust and adapt to the variety of stresses of modern life.

In addition to regular Chiropractic care, let us recommend some other effective strategies to help make stress your ally, not your enemy. Practice daily meditation and controlled breathing exercises. This is a hidden secret of almost all successful people.

Pay attention to your posture, because excellent posture is a universal sign of balance and power. Get into the habit of making orthotics for each and every patient. We consistently get great results with Foot Levelers’ InMotion® orthotics. They stabilize the spine, balance the posture, and reduce your patients’ stress. Remember that posture and spinal balance are the windows to your overall health.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for conquering a stressful situation. We all like rewards, so indulge yourself with additional stress-busting activities like a hot bubble bath, playing a round of golf, getting a massage, or taking your significant other out to dinner. Train yourself to feel pleasure when you overcome stress. Focus on small successes at first.

Success is not about changing your entire life in one day. Be kind to yourself. Success is about making bite-size, easy changes every day. Overcome stress a little bit every day.

We have found that there are basically two categories of people with regard to stress: TENSE or INTENSE. You cannot be tense and intense at the same time. Tense people are stressed-out, and intense people have a passion for life and consistently overcome all stressful situations. Live with passion and purpose and overcome stress.

Practice the three “L’s” (“LEARN,” “LAUGH,” and “LOVE”) every day. If every day you learn something new, experience three minutes of pure laughter, and love someone or are loved by someone, it will be a perfect day.

One of the biggest stress-reducing activities you can do is to just take action. Make the decision to take better care of yourself, work at improving your health every day, and get adjusted regularly. By taking care of your body and your health, it will yield big psychological dividends as you start to feel better about yourself. It is time to adjust to a healthier lifestyle, the Chiropractic lifestyle.

Stress is what turns coal into diamonds. Stress will always be with us, and it is rather simple to turn your stress into your success. Start today.


About the Authors

Drs. Larry Markson, Bob Hoffman, and Dennis Perman are co-founders of The Masters Circle, an Identity-Based Personal and Professional Development company that serves doctors of Chiropractic worldwide. Their unique philosophies of “Who you are determines how well what you do works” and “Success comes FROM you, not TO you,” have created a Practice Improvement System that guarantees ANY practice can grow, flourish, and become financially rewarding.

Collectively, they are all internationally acclaimed educators, lecturers, and authors on the philosophy and practical applications of superior Chiropractic management. Believing that there has never been a better time to be a Chiropractor, they are known for empowering DCs and CAs, and for providing the constant support they need to achieve unmatched standards of personal lifestyle and practice success.