Visualizing a Positive Experience

By: Mark N. Charrette, DC

Nearly every minute of every day we are seeing a multitude of images in our mind’s eye. It is as though we each have a movie projector flashing images upon a screen inside our heads. Have you ever thought what these pictures inside our heads are? These thoughts or images are capable of positively or negatively influencing the quality of our lives.

In the late Sixties, comedian Flip Wilson played a character named Geraldine. One of “her” most famous lines was, “What you see is what you get!” This might be truer than we realize. How many people are living their lives thinking negative thoughts most of the time? How many Chiropractors are running their practices while thinking negative thoughts most of the time?

Those pictures inside our heads are nothing more than the visual imagery of our thoughts at the time. These pictures parallel our feelings at the time. Whatever we are picturing in our minds is what we are going to attract. We all have a tremendous opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of our lives just by changing the pictures we project in our minds to positive images, for a positive experience. If you are not happy with your present situation, take a major step in improving it. Picture yourself in the surroundings in which you would optimally like to be.

End Results Count

There have been several very popular techniques for visualization. Most center around getting yourself in a relaxed state; then visualize, feel, smell, taste, etc., everything you want to obtain. It is important you be in a quiet place and alone if possible. You should be comfortable and relaxed. See exactly what you want, the way you want it. See the END RESULT and get the feeling of what it is like to already have it. Initially, you may find your mind wanders. This is normal and in a short time you will acquire more self-discipline to keep your mind on your goals. Being consistent (at least twice daily) will bring amazing results. Seemingly, by magic, you will be provided with the plan to obtain your goals. Try it and see!

Make a Mental Movie

Written goals will be very helpful in solidifying these mental projections. Many of the positive attributes like persistence, confidence, integrity, self-worth, enthusiasm, health, etc., will be much more easily obtained with the aid of mental imagery.

Most of us could begin today. Just start by taking 5–10 minutes twice daily and make a mental movie of yourself as you would truly like to be. Just a small amount of time and some self-discipline could be the beginnings of a beautiful change in your life.

Professional Success

Several weeks ago, I called a Chiropractor friend who had just recently begun a practice in a small town in the Midwest. After several months he had a respectable practice, but not quite what he had planned on. I suggested he have written goals, begin visualizing himself as he would like to be, and almost overnight his practice nearly doubled. Patient referrals, office visits, and cash flow did not take long to catch up with his thoughts. Once he obtained a goal, it was time to make a new one and visualize it.

Eliminate The Negative

I mentioned earlier that visualizing can either positively or negatively influence our lives. Negative imagery and thoughts can severely hamper attainment of our goals in life. Each one of us (none is exempt) can improve ourselves by eliminating those thoughts and pictures involving fear, anger, guilt, hate, and other negative states of mind.

When we improve the quality of our thoughts and images, we improve ourselves. This in turn benefits others. Ultimately, everyone benefits.


What I have been discussing is obviously nothing new. It has been known for hundreds and hundreds of years. Many people have talked about how visualization helped them. People all the way from Ben Franklin to Joe Namath have raved about the dramatic, positive effects of thinking and picturing goals in our minds. During his college and professional football career, Joe Namath would visualize his receivers catching his passes. He would see his passes being right on target. He spent a great deal of time visualizing his successes.

By having already mentally and subconsciously experienced our goals, we will be guiding ourselves to higher levels of achievement and success. This process really works, so let’s all start right now to help ourselves and help this great profession of ours.