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Live Webinar on December 13, 7–8 pm ET
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Join Dr. Alicia Yochum on her live webinar,
“Disc Lesions in the Lumbar Spine”

-Discuss MRI anatomy of the lumbar spine, terminology as it pertains to imaging planes, and accepted verbatim when referencing disc lesions.

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Dr. Alicia Yochum's "Radiology 101: Normal Imaging Anatomy of Lumbar Spine"

Learn about normal imaging anatomy of the lumbar spine on plain film, computed tomography and MRIs.

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Dr. Stefanie Krupp's "What's Your Practice Personality?"

Learn how your personality may impact your practice.

Live Webinar on October 11, 7–8 pm ET (FREE Registration)

Join Dr. Kristina Petrocco-Napuli on her live webinar, “The Female Athlete and Biomechanical Impacts.”

-Discuss common conditions associated specifically with the female athlete.
-Discuss the impact of external factors related to performance for this population.
-Explore treatment options for associated common conditions relative to this special patient population.